The Practice Notebook

flutist Zara Lawler shares tips on learning music



What:  A blog on good musical practice, including:

  • Principles (the basic ideas of good practice)
  • Techniques (actual methods for efficient and effective use of practice time)
  • Rules (guidelines to set for yourself to ensure you get the most out of your practice time)
  • Pep Talks (everyone needs them from time to time)
  • Guest Columnists (to discuss techniques that are new to me too)
  • Inspiration Gallery (quotes and links to help keep you [& me] motivated)

When:   weekly


  • You:  professional musicians, conservatory students, avid amateurs, and beginners alike
  • Me:  Zara Lawler (check out “why listen to me”)

Why:  because everyone in music has to practice, so you might as well do it efficiently!  This gives you a)more confidence when you’re performing and b)more time to do other things.  Also, I have some strong opinions about practicing and I need to get them off my chest!

How:  read the blog, and give it a try.

RSVP: Let me know if these ideas work for you, or if they don’t, or if you want more information, or less; ask questions and give answers.

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